Can Roots Sprouted During a Time of Exclusion, Disqualify Silicon Valley as The Mark of a Good Technological Ecosystem?

What is The Mark of A Good Man/Woman?

I am an American citizen, and proud of it. Yes, America has a shady history in many areas, slavery is probably one of its greatest atrocities.

Yet as a 52-year-old black woman, I know that I am blessed to have been born in a country that gives me the freedom to write these very words.

Silicon Valley is the birthplace of so many technological innovations that have changed the planet, but when it comes to diversity, their story isn't so great.

As an individual, I've made decisions in my life that have caused myself and others a great deal of pain.

And I've also made some really good decisions that have supplied myself and others with immense joy.

The different seasons in my life make such a fantastic story to celebrate, as each of my fellow American and global citizens across the world have lives just as colorful and spectacular.

But what is the mark of a good person?

As I said I have fallen short in my life, but life has given me many second chances.

Silicon Valley has fallen short when it comes to diversity, yet it gives us so many prestigious technological breakthroughs. It can't be all bad...

But what is the mark of a good industrial tech ecosystem?

Individuals, companies, countries, and certainly tech regions have the responsibility to make the world a better place.

And although all of us are capable of positive change, not all of us make the choice to get better. Change is difficult, yet important to experience greater things in life.

The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement.

Helmut Schmidt

When we as individuals hold ourselves accountable for upholding fair treatment for everyone, we'll be better prepared to hold our institutions and country to higher standards.

We all need to get better...

But what is the mark of a good man?

With these words, I bid you...

Good night