Cultivating a Positive Mindset and The Possibilities of AI Assisting in Neuro-Linguistic Therapy

Cultivating a Positive Mindset and The Possibilities of AI Assisting in Neuro-Linguistic Therapy

How The Initial Intent of Behavior and Learning Transformations Triggered Conscious Actions

As I continue my studies in computer programming and develop my soft skills to be an effective and desirable team leader/worker.

I strive to become a person that not only influences my work with unique perspectives, but I also seek to add value to humanity by creating projects that will improve our quality of life.

In doing this, I can humbly add to the conversation and mind-blowing technologies that have already been created.

One of those technologies is AI(artificial intelligence). Some great thinkers in the fields of science, medicine, computer science, and philosophy are asking whether AI is a form of consciousness.

The difficulty lies with the fact that unlike intelligence, consciousness involves an element of subjective experience. This subjectivity has been coined by David Chalmers as the 'hard problem of consciousness.' The hard problem refers to the difficulty in exlaning how subjective experience is for example, what it is like to see the colour red, or feel pain. Our perception is subjective and involves sight, smell, touch emotion and has by in large several biochemical influences. We see colours differently to a dog, who sees differently to an insect, yet we are all "alive."

Napoleon Hill says that...

"A positive mind finds a way it can be done; A negative mind looks for all the ways it can't be done." Napoleon Hill

The Early Shifting of Intentional Conscious Change Opened My Eyes to My Flawed Mindset

I've been very intentional about redefining how I think about myself, humanity, and the world in which we live.

I made this decision because I want to experience the best of me before I leave this earth. At 52 years old, I can say much of my life has been influenced by flawed, negative thoughts.

Somehow I got the crazy idea that ignoring my feelings, keeping my mouth shut, treating others better than they deserved, and keeping my head down would magically give me a good life.

Obviously, this was a crock of bullshit that caused me a lot of pain. So as I've matured and desire to experience the great things I so frequently let pass me by, being conscious is now an active verb for me.

The Challenges That Consciousness Presents To New Behaviors and Learning

Like an alcoholic hears his drink call and feels his body react without Gin or an anorexic person believes they are obese at 97 pounds, a flawed negative mindset holds you in destructive compulsive behaviors.

If you are financially struggling, if you subject yourself to traumatic relationships, hate your jobs, can't get along with others, or whatever you feel your greatest issues might be or more likely, whatever you feel is wrong with the world and everyone else, is probably you.

I thought I was doing a good job of taking responsibility for my life circumstances, till I was exposed to computer programming.

I began to see how much more I needed to improve my self-concept and how my broken mindset was affecting my life and quality of living.

I couldn't see past my own ambition. When I wanted more, I saw more.

And just like that alcoholic I mentioned earlier, he has withdrawals when he doesn't have a drink. I feel the negative thoughts physically affect my body when I leave them behind.

It's like my thoughts want to hold me and keep me from thinking on new levels. Letting go of my old mindset feels like trying to get off of drugs.

I think flawed mindsets and negative thinking are addictions with the same power to hold people as drugs and alcohol.

It seems impossible for me some days, but I recognize my improvements.

How AI Could Help With Improving Human Potential

It would be amazing if we could come up with biotechnology that helps people recover from addictions.

And I think one of the biggest additions that leads so many of us to self-sabotaging behaviors is a flawed, broken, and negative mindset. It holds people captive and breaking the bondage is a beautiful miracle.

If we could find a way to harness the power of neuro-linguistic programming and come up with a personal AI device to develop our mindset we could possibly eliminate human suffering.

Mo Gawdat a Former Google Executive and Computer Scientist is Making Strides in Happiness

Mo Gawdat has an amazing story and is making a beautiful impact in the area of happiness.

He's the author of several books and has an amazing podcast to bring awareness to the issues of mental health and happiness.

His podcast episode with Jacqueline Hurst, was really phenomenal. I highly recommend you listen, if you are struggling with negative thinking or are considering a change of mindset.

With these words, I bid you...

Good night