Does Understanding Deserve a Place in Our Educational Systems?

I have come to appreciate the value of understanding. I think so many times in my life and definitely attending school grades k-12 and even much of college is regurgitating information.

I see such a huge flaw in academics and such a disservice to our youth. I don't know how to solve the problem, but I know there is a problem. It makes me wonder why the school system has only told us what and not why...

Was it to cater to multiple learning styles? Was it to weed out the gifted from the dull? I don't know if the rich are the benefactors of a different type of learning because they are jumping off of buildings and suffering from self-imposed sicknesses like the poor.

I also realize not everyone gives a fuck about solving problems and understanding. But is this a symptom of what we are taught about learning? Who's responsibility is it to teach the youth and people in general that understanding is paramount to living?

Now I am not saying I can see the forest for the trees, but my view has certainly expanded.

I believe there should be a place for deeper learning in our educational systems. At least in America, I can't speak for other educational systems, I only know the one that shaped me.

I guess everyone's role in life looks a little different.

With these words, I bid you...

Good night