Is HTML/Code The Dead Language Website Designers Learn Like Latin?

How Has Technology Impacted What's Necessary to be A Good Developer

Is HTML/Code The Dead Language Website Designers Learn Like Latin?

I can envision a world where website designers only use tools and never use code.

As a newbie to the developer world, I am discovering new tools everyday. So powerful they allow a designer to focus on customer experience over building websites written with good HTML(and other languages).

Technically HTML, is an advanced language, far removed from its ancestors.

Has the evolution of technology transformed web designing?

If you're on a design team, it isn't impossible to survive without knowing Code.

Technology has created communication tools that work as translators. Designers ideas can be delivered to the folks that write code and never be bothered.

So I asked myself a serious question: Is learning code necessary?

Yes, my answer is yes. The foundation of web design is code. Knowing how to design a beautiful website requires more than understanding people, it requires more than aesthetic creativity, it requires coding creativity.

As I delve deeper into this unfamiliar world of website development, I am excited by its immense possibilities.

The growing demands of knowing consumer psychology haven't superseded the need to know code. I simply must improve my skill set.

It is becoming increasing evident, technology isn't an ordinary career...