My Blog is Making Me Feel Like Evander HolyField's Ear and The Rest of This Wonderful Day!

My Blog is Making Me Feel Like Evander HolyField's Ear and The Rest of This Wonderful Day!

My Day Was Going Great Till...

My Morning Coffee Was so Good Then This Happened

My morning was going so good. I had the day off so I got a bit more sleep than usual.

I made my morning Joe, with some Rice Crispy Treat creamer added, I was in heaven! With my eyes closed, I leaned back sipping my hot coffee. The heat from the mug felt so good on the palms of my hands.

My day at home was planned. Just me and my computer, with no interuptions.


My blog started trippin'

I thought it was strange when I looked at the analytics and it said, "write your first blog post." I thought maybe I accidentally made another blog. But god damn...

All of my posts disappeared! I finally found them in the trash! I restored them, THEN...

I couldn't get my tweeted links to connect back to the posts (and they still aren't connecting), THEN...

The link on my Instagram wouldn't and still won't connect back to my blog...

My Blog Has Me Feeling Like Evandder Holyfield's Ear

Then I Got Stuck on a freeCodeCamp Step

Those of you that hangout in land are no strangers to "The Colored Markers" project.

I got stuck on step 78. Those 30 minutes felt like hours, because of the on going blogging debacle mentioned above.

pexels-julian-jagtenberg-103123.jpg The cool thing is, I actually found a bug in my code. I accidently deleted a bracket from my CSS stylesheet. This is so awesome, I am talking code right now...yipee!!!

That Fuckin' Mouse

Now if I can just catch this mouse running around my house. I am tired of hearing it clicking at shit!

One day I was bringing groceries in the house, and the motherfucker ran in out of nowhere.

That was six months ago

I have mouse traps everywhere, but somehow that damn mouse manages to avoid 'em. It just finds this particular place in the corner and makes noises for hours on end.

  • Well, it's that time again, that mouse and this blog have me exhausted.

Good night.