My Process of Accomplishing a New Task

It Isn't As Organized As I Thought

My Process of Accomplishing a New Task

I just discovered how my thought process works when I am figuring out how to do something I've never done:

  • walking around my house aimlessly
  • randomly ordering pizza, when I've been eating healthy
  • taking unexplainable naps
  • encouraging myself
  • being on social media surfing reels
  • watching Kountry Wayne videos
  • doing yoga to music(I never use music)
  • researching my topic and feeling overwhelmed because I still don't know what to write or say
  • finding and joining meetup groups
  • waking up and eating my randomly ordered pizza
  • forgetting to write my daily post to sleep(which I never do) hoping to wake up knowing how to approach my project
  • finally doing the task and hoping it comes out right

With these words, I bid you...

Good night or Good morning