Shaping My Social Media Presence as a New Developer

Figuring Out How to Express My Thoughts as I am Becoming a Developer on Social Media Platforms

Shaping My Social Media Presence as a New Developer

Finding my social media voice is beginning to demand attention. It is wanting to be heard as another way of expressing the process of becoming a web designer/developer.

I want to find effective ways to communicate meaningful messages of encouragement. I've experienced a lot over the years. I think affirming someone else's confusion has the power to add clarity and positive change.

So mixing social media with what i am doing and where I am headed is an interesting cocktail recipe.

I mainly create content on Instagram(@donnamware) it's cool because it automatically posts to Facebook. I hear LinkedIn is a good platform, so as time makes itself available, I might consider that.

I don't want to spead myself too thin. I am the only one creating and posting my content. I thought about scheduling a content creation day, but fuck that. I've got enough to keep up with. I am learning how to be a fucking web developer.

My immediate goal, right now, is to get a good night's sleep. With that I bid you... Good Night