The Deep Learning Opportunities for Web Developers

The Deep Learning Opportunities for Web Developers

The Importance of Foundational Learning

Deep learning is awesome! I dove into some HTML theory and got some understanding on the correct way to write code.

My original plan was to follow a tutorial and build some web pages. I wanted to get some supplemental coding done to reinforce the wonderful things I've been learning at I found an interesting video by Daniel Scott and this is where the detour began.

He suggested using Visual Studio Code to edit/write the website. I have an older Chromebook and getting some of these tools isn't compatible with my system, so I thought "maybe Google has an editor," and I found

Reading About HTML is Different Than Writing Code

I choose to do the HTML class instead and found a treasure chest of information. It literally felt like I found a textbook that answered questions I didn't know needed an explanation. As a self-taught coder, getting the formal and foundational framework of HTML and CSS has been challenging.

The challenge was:

  • Having a shit load of library books I want to finish reading, thus not getting my library hual of techie books on just yet

  • Being ignorant of the importance of writing proper code

  • Not knowing where to find the information, I utilize my library because it's in the budget and it's fuckin' cool

However, this morning has proven, the teacher shows up when the student is ready.

I learned about document structure, metadata and semantic HTML. They broke down the history behind the character set utf-8, why we specify the document type(HTML) and everything that goes in the tag, without skipping details.

Then it went a step further and broke down the reasoning, history and reasoning of each attribute used with the heading meta tags. I feel blessed and much more capable of writing solid professional code, at a beginner level, but really getting my roots firmly planted.

Upcoming Online Conferences

In addition to finding all these jewels of important information, I was introduced to some conferences that look interesting, Google Cloud Next and PWA Summit.

I am excited about the Next joint, I can't imagine Google doing anything half-ass. I am looking forward to the experience and information.

The PWA Summit seems a bit dry, but has some interesting break-out topics. I want to make my websites dynamic and they are advertising the solution.

Now I Have a Question

Is a formal education in computer science necessary? If everything is already online, what are the benefits of going to university and getting into a shitload of debt?

I'll look at these topics at another time.

with all this being said, I bid you...

Good night