The Passion of Living Unapologetically Changes The World and Improves Lives

It has been an amazing day in that I got almost everything accomplished on my schedule.

I have been able to maintain focus, though I did find myself lingering on bullshit a few times.

Sometimes I wish my body didn't need sleep, because I would read, write and code all day and all night. I get so excited when I learn new information about this metaverse and go deeper into topics that have captured my heart.

What really boggles my mind is I still have so much to learn, but the fields of computer science, web development, and machine learning are still in their infancy stages. Possibly crawling or walking, but definitely not running.

One of the most inspiring things I did was take a fresh look at Bill Gates's personal blog. It is full of hope and transformative ideas to make the future planet better. It made me think more intensely about my own life.

I believed I was changed and understood the true freedom of living life on your own terms. Hid conviction had deeply personal rewards and none of them had a dollar bill attached.

It's about living out your passion unapologetically(Cuff It lyric, Beyonce), and your spark catches the world and sets it on fire.

I don't know if Mr. Gates ever intended on changing the world. He just loved computers and found ways to do it bigger and better. And his love was so deep for his passion, it overflowed to the rest of us in the world.

So making sure I do what I do with passion isn't a point of compromise, not that it was before, but it just has a clearer and more poignant understanding in my heart this evening.

With these words, I bid you...

Good night