With The Help of This Tool My Online Life is Easier and What 4 Weeks of Learning Code Looks Like

The Reason I Might Buy Champagne and Celebrate

With The Help of This Tool My Online Life is Easier and What 4 Weeks of Learning Code Looks Like

I Finally Arrived in The Modern World

I've got internet!

I haven't had real internet for 7 years! My mobile hotspot it officially retired and it's all because of coding.

No more waiting for pages to populate!

No more error messages because pages timed out!

No more looking at spinning circles on my monitor praying for a connect!

I feel very grateful!

My Learning Progression at freeCodeCamp

I completed lesson 1, "The Cat Photo App." I thought I was moving at lighting fast speeds till I found K-dev!

He whipped through the entire project in 48 minutes and 32 seconds! I was one and half weeks in when I found his tutorials! That was a sobering reality check...

I completed lesson 2, "The Cafe Menu." This introduced me to basic CSS.

freeCodeCamp now has me crawling! I can do basic html actions, like making the links in this post! I also applied the target="_blank" action, which allows the link to open in another window.

I highly recommend K-dev's tutorials. He demonstrates every step of the freeCodeCamp projects, by actually going through the lesson and sharing his screen. I knew exactly how to find my coding errors when I got stuck! Thank you!

Upcoming Certification

I have a certification coming up and I want a better understanding of html and css. Hence, I found the best explanation of html, in a 2 hour course for freeCodeCamp by Mike Dane.

His teaching was organized, easy to follow and helped me understand the correlation of html and what browsers display. Thanks for helping me!

I also read lots of helpful articles. I wish I was more mindful about saving the links.

A Short 4 Week Learning Synopsis

I've got a lot to learn, but I am very proud of the progress I've made. Most importantly, the bit of conceptual understanding I've attained on basic html.

If you have a dream, believe in yourself and don't ever give up! If you feel stuck, keep going one more day.