2023, The Year of No Bullshit

2023 is a crucial year for manifesting my dreams. This year is a year to hone in on self-development like it is the only thing that exists on this earth.

I have already learned how to say fuck it, even when it involves someone that I care about deeply.

I realize we all have a journey and leaving my path is a disservice to anyone that's watching.

I have been more loyal to others than I have been to myself. This is a mistake and an excuse to be mediocre. This year does not include games it includes truth to myself first and others after.

Here's a very important TedTalk that I think will help you understand what I am saying...

2023 is a year to lay the shit out and be that person you've always dreamed of, take a shot, worst case scenario...you might meet the real you.

With these words, I bid you...

Good morning