A Good Review is Just What The Doctor Ordered

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A Good Review is Just What The Doctor Ordered

Sharpening Your JavaScript Skills

I found two really great reference tools that will take your JavaScript game to another level.

I am about six months into my coding journey and I felt like I needed a better understanding of the core concepts of JavaScript.

I came to this conclusion when I entered the basic algorithm scripting portion of the freeCodeCamp.Org curriculum. It was beyond my normal level of challenge, and I found myself grasping for definitions and forgetting the basic functionality of previously learned functions and operators.

I contemplated starting all over, seeking other classes to build on my classes, finding help or just pushing forward feeling unsure.

My decision was to do a solid, complete review of what I've leaned thus far. This is how I spent my afternoon, and I already feel more confident about regaining my edge with JavaScript.

So if you are feeling overwhelmed, unsure or would like to hone your skills, checkout these two resorces.

mdn webdocs__-JavaScript data types and data structures. These lessons break everything down into the tiniest details. I am looking forward to really diving in and sucking the marrow out of the knowledge they offer.

The other important reference tool, I'd like to recommend is What are Browser Development Tool? This is another one by mdn, I love their library of solid, reliable answers.

With these words, I bid you...

Good night