Can Spirituality be Harnessed Through Code?

Can Spirituality be Harnessed Through Code?

Yoga is introducing me to new concepts of being and I'd like to integrate this into my coding. As my understanding of HTML and CSS begins to resonate, my mind is exploring how it can create meaningful digital content.

My path of exploring the unknown spiritual realm isn't for everyone. It requires large chunks of solitude. Yet I believe the same universal truths permeate everyone's existence. I'd like my work to improve people's ability to do better at life. The part of life which is expressed through our work life.

UX design uses these concepts to create websites, etc. that are engaging. I'd like to make things more productive, having that caveat that triggers people to be inspired and do better work.

As my style continues to develop, I am excited to see how it actually manifests. It feels good to be experiencing this part of my spirituality again. These last 7 to 10 years of my life have focused on more practical aspects of my being. This part that's beginning now is pretty cool.

I love being in tune with my consciousness. I am sure my ideas will continue to evolve and hopefully add value to those in need.

With these words I bid you,

Good night or Good morning