Controling My Thoughts When Things are Changing

Arriving at The Crossroads of a Breakthrough

Controling My Thoughts When Things are Changing

Late Night

it's going to be a late night! I've been working on an article for my site. I am doing the format a bit differently so laying it out isn't as easy.

I know the direction I want, I just need to figure out how to put everything together in a meaningful way.

In addition to this, I've been really monitoring my thoughts. I am in the process of forming a new habit of thinking constructively at all times. Kind of like Napoleon Hill's philosophy, I am realizing how foundational my experience is to my thinking.

Learning to Think with Constructive Intention

I am amazed by the onslaught of self-sabotaging thinking that goes on in my head. I know my thinking has improved, but still a piece of me wants to hold onto nonsense.

This morning is a great example, I got a lot of thinking done about how I wanted to execute certain things. Then I put on some motivational speakers, but I had a thought that said, "if you continue this way, you aren't going to have any fun and you are going to lose friends."

First of all, I don't go out or hang out with a group of friends and party. Why did I have such a strange thought. Second I don't have friends, I have lots of aquentences(who I once considered family), I rarely connect with them because of logistics and just life has changed. The thought of losing what I don't have is just utter nonsense.

Then I contemplated, in a bit of an emotional way, what if it's true. In writing this I understand. If I lose this way of thinking that affiicts me at times, I have the world to gain. So now I have a new determination to think on shit that manifests quality results, all the time.

After all, there isn't anyone else in this body but me. The rest are just thoughts...and I am cleaning them up even through the exercise of this writing. I only lose if I quit!

Well, with these words, I bid you...

Good night