Corrupt AI Algorithms are An Opportunity to Makeover Humanity

Corrupt AI algorithms are an increasing concern in the United States and globally.

The people most at risk are underserved people that live on the planet earth. People of color, persons with disabilities, and people that identify themselves with categories that are different than societal norms.

Laws are being written and laws are being passed to protect people, but how can we combat these issues at the citizen level?

How can we be more responsible and accountable in our everyday lives?

How can we make workplace cultures of inclusion that celebrate differences?

How can we make academia a place to work out our personal values and not institutions that suppress and stifle challenging ideas?

I could go on and on listing the other sectors of society, but I think you get the idea(law enforcement, healthcare, religious organizations, etc...)

It seems simplistic, but learning to be more kind to one another would resolve many of these issues.

Where do we start the journey of personal responsibility that looks out for our fellow humans and upholds their right to freedom and a trouble-free existence?

With these words, I bid you...

Good night