Figuring Out The Second Part of My Certification and The Lesson of The Day

Figuring Out The Second Part of My Certification and The Lesson of The Day

Figuring Out My Certification

I worked on the second part of my HTML/CSS certification this evening. I finally got some of the answers correct!

I thought I was being thorough, but the test only wanted the information it requested. I used the standard HTML webpage set up to start and the test said it was wrong because it didn't want that information. it simply started with the


Thank goodness for K-dev! His video on how to complete the "Tribute Page" challenge helped me understand what I did wrong.

Future Use of My Tribute Page

To pass the certification, I need to build a "Tribute Page." I am doing mine on T.D. Jakes. He has had an incredible impact on my life.

I'd like to create a place to permanently display my work. Possibly I'll put them up on a website. I haven't built my Google Cloud website yet, but this is the ultimate place my work will be displayed.

Hopefully, I'll finish my project in the next day or so. I'll put my finishing touches on it this weekend. Now with that being said, I have to remind myself that I am a newbie. This means what I want to do and how it really looks could be totally different.

But I'll definitely make an attempt to make this page shine. T.D. Jakes is important to me and it's the least I can do to show my appreciation.

Lessons of The Day

A person's "no" doesn't change my value. I've been loving my new internet and the customer service of my internet provider. I was even going to write some kind of feature on my other blog to showcase their expertise.

I got a billing error charging me $100.00. This fee was supposed to be waived two of the customer service agents who assisted me, said my fee would be waived. I got this waiver because I upgraded my service.

When I tried to get my bill corrected, the agents that I spoke with today couldn't help. They said there was no documentation on file. It appears that management changed. Same company different people. The process isn't as seamless, it has steps that seem irrelevant to me.

I wasn't going to spend my day arguing with them, but I need to get this resolved. $100.00 isn't money that I have to waste. The way they conduct business this afternoon doesn't make any sense to me.

As for me, the only person I can truly control, and the only person that I am responsible for, is me. The conduct of others doesn't devalue my worth or the yes I've made to myself.

Staying grounded is challenging for me when the people I encounter seem to be functioning on a system that's different than my own. Understanding that circumstances don't seem right or fair is also a pretty shitty experience.

I choose to use these small issues of resolving bills and getting people to honor their word as a tool to sharpen my concept of life. I am figuring out the wise action, which allows me to be good within myself, understand what's happening to the best of my ability and not be moved by other people's actions.

The lesson, stay in control of how you want to be in all situations. Justice always comes, sometimes quickly and other times it takes time. Be patient and enjoy the journey.

with these words,

Good night