Following Through on My Goal and Formulating My Thanksgiving Plans

Following Through on My Goal and Formulating My Thanksgiving Plans

My New Goal

I set a goal for myself yesterday. It's a goal that seems damn near impossible for me to reach, yet I believe it's the path to making my life a personal success.

My goal was put to the test all day. I was presented with the task of overcoming the mental battle of simply acting upon the principles I believe to be true as truth.

I did a fairly good job of keeping my mind focused. It allowed me to put some things in perspective and be honest with myself in evaluating some irrational emotions(at least in my estimation). Taking responsibility for myself caused me to not lash out, when normally I would've.

Understanding JavaScript

I want to get a better understanding of JavaScript. Right now I am just going through the motions. Tomorrow, Thanksgiving day, I'll be looking for a video or a book/article, which will explain what the hell I am doing and why.

I am sure eventually I'll catch on, but I don't want to fuck around and waste my time fumbling around in the dark when all I need to do is seek the knowledge.

Thanksgiving Newbie

I am not celebrating the holiday in any traditional manner. But I did have a strange idea at the grocery store. I got a bag of apples.

I am going to bake the apples and top them with some grilled onions and blue cheese. For some reason, these flavors seem to be a good combination. I hope my palette feels the same.

Anyway, with these words...I bid you,

Good night