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Free Internet, Customer Service and a Half of a Calzone: A Day in The Life of a Newbie Learning Code

The Day Getting Internet Destroyed My Perfect Time Management Plan

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Donna M Ware
·Aug 13, 2022·

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Free Internet, Customer Service and a Half of a Calzone: A Day in The Life of a Newbie Learning Code
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Setting The Girls Free, Just in Time For a Late Night Dinner

"Ahhh!" At last, I was getting my coding grove on, I carelessly flung my bra across the room and literally felt my upper rib cage relieve itself, slowly expanding to its own natural boundaries. I had been strapped in that damn thing for over 10 hours! I could finally concentrate and dive into some learning. Then my stomach started to growl...

I had been snacking for two days and another cupcake wasn't gonna do it. I grunted, and headed for the kitchen, stepping over my growing pile of laundry. I made a homemade calzone, stuffed with onions, mushrooms, spinach and cheese. I faithfully continued my freeCodeCamp lesson, nibbling on my late night dinner, and loving every moment of my self-imposed chaos.

The Original Plan

During work, I kept my mind occupied with all of the productive things I was going to do when I finally got off the clock. I was heading straight home, eating early, coding for 3 or 4 hours and then blogging about my day. But I kept wondering if I could find some affordable internet. I've been using my cellular hotspot and it's painfully slow. Of course, procrastination or following my gut(I'll let you determine that one), I called some providers, weighed my options and jumped on a kick ass deal.

The shitty side to finally getting internet, was the how long it took. I was on the phone for, ironically enough, 3 or 4 hours. Going over plans, deciding what current subscriptions I was going to drop, so I could pay for my internet service and enjoying small talk with the customer service agents.

I gotta say, good customer service is underrated. I could feel the good vibes on my end of the line. They were informative, patient and didn't seem to actually hate their job. After getting this done, is when I started to settle in for the night and get comfy for coding.

My time management was shot to hell, but I got some coding done, ate and was able to let you know what was going on.

Is learning code everything you imagined it would be?

Till next time, happy coding!

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