How Coding is Changing My Life

How Coding is Changing My Life

Since I began coding, about two months ago, my life has been very solitary. I find myself thinking of nothing else.

I think of how I want to develop my website, what I am going to write in my niche area, and all the different things I want to learn. It's very exciting when I finish a project or figure out what I did wrong and fix the coding.

A great example of this, this evening I was working on a project, at freeCodeCamp, to learn accessibility. I did everything correctly with my code, but it kept telling me my code didn't pass. I said, "what the hell." I tried retyping the elements, I made sure I didn't make any spelling errors, I made sure my tags were within the right tags.

I couldn't figure out the solution. Finally, I looked at the entire code. Somehow a closing bracket was removed. I fixed the problem, and low and behold, with the click of the "check my code" button, the result appeared..."your code passed," and I was able to move forward. I felt a sense of real accomplishment.

I've been so consumed in coding and writing, I neglected my yoga and prayer. I have been intentional about including them in my daily routine. I didn't want to lose time at the keyboard, but I had to give respect to the things that helped me get to this point. I figure it's going to be what sustains me as well.

The only thing I do is work on getting my new profession established. I find it consumes me and it's all I want to do. My only other interest is thinking about my dream lover and hoping we'll spend some time together soon.

I welcome this season of focus, the fruit of this should be quite fascinating.

The thing I like best in all of this is personal growth. It is cool to see myself doing things I never dreamed of. it feels like I am living a dream at times, very surreal. I am grateful.

Well with these thoughts, I bid you,

Good night