How I Published My First Page on Google Cloud

The Story and Not The How-To Video

It was an amazing day!

I figured out how to publish content on my cloud.

This is what happened, I was watching a how-to video about Google Cloud, a 3-hour video. I thought I needed to know everything about the cloud to do anything. I was completely intimidated and without any context of publishing on the web, period, I got to watching.

About 30 minutes into the video Simplilearn YouTube video The instructor began talking about different features. One, in particular, stuck out to me, he said Google had "quick start" instructions. I said to myself, let me see if I can do this without knowing every detail of cloud computing.

I rolled the dice and went for it, I said "what the hell, maybe I can figure it out, and if not, I'll just keep watching the video."

I clicked around and finally, after about 45 minutes or so, my first webpage went live. Some background information is necessary here. I signed up for my cloud account in August of this year, it's now November, damn near Thanksgiving. I'd been stressing and procrastinating, making empty promises to myself for months.

Looking through instructional videos to watch, all at least 10 hours long was an arduous process. And in August I was only one month into learning code, I knew nothing. This moment was euphoric for me!

I designed a simple page about(the link leads to the actual sight). Isosceles Triangle

Screenshot 2022-11-08 2.05.23 AM.png

Now I am more excited than ever to design and build my professional site. I'll also learn more about the cloud, but not necessarily everything.

I'll probably get a badge or two so I can post some relevant certifications on my site. I want my clients and potential clients to feel secure about my skills and ability to deliver. I'll have it all figured out by the time this happens.

With these words, I bid you...

Good night