I am Building My New Website on Google Cloud and Some Other Cool Free Resources I Found

I'm Beginning to Find My Way Through The Darkness of New Learning

I am Building My New Website on Google Cloud and Some Other Cool Free Resources I Found

I Moved to The Google Cloud

I've been comsuming enormous amounts of information. It feels like I am reprogramming my mind with tags, elements and attributes.

As soon as my fingers are available, I am still braiding my hair, I'll be ready to build my first web pages. I am so excited! And I got a place on that Google cloud(I felt like I purchased a Manhatten penthouse, on the top floor of an exclusive skyscraper), to build my site.

I am a bit intimidated by the task of building on the cloud, but I am looking forward to the challenge.


I've been supplamenting my freeCodeCamp.org learnings with videos. I caught some nice videos, from the sea named YouTube. Pure stupidity was the bait. But in spite of my ignorance, I reeled in these two prizes:

I love the pace of the instruction, the clear detail and the organized presentation. I was introduced to accessibility. I had no idea these guidelines existed.

  • This explaination of graphic design. I wanted to know exactly what it was and this gave a complete and concise anwser. It's actually a series of 45 videos. I haven't had an opportunity to watch them all.

I actually found three videos, but I didn't save the last one. It was a great video by freeCodeCamp. It covered HTML and CSS. They were stand alone videos apart from the curriculum.

I Feel Comfortable with HTML and CSS

I'm good with my novice understanding thus far. Each day I learn a little bit more.


Well, its that time again. My body is shutting down, so this is a wrap.

I'll catch you later...