I Found an Old Journal and Guess What I Read

I Found an Old Journal and Guess What I Read

This morning a found an old notebook. I had scibbled down so many ideas and concepts. I actually executed projects and a business(my hair salon), based on my notes.

Though the physical manifestations of those ideas no longer exist, the ideas themselves still remain.

My Fascination with Finance and Technology

I've always wanted to learn about money. The way it works, how it impacts our lives and what I can do to be apart of the ideology.

Through exploring my notes, I also saw my first exposure to technology. I watched the 2018 World Trade Report on YouTube and the topic was "How digital technologies are transforming global commerces." They discussed the internet, block chains and 3D printing.

They called it the new economic era and discussed ways to make sure society and technology would be partners. At that time becoming a web developer never crossed my mind. I didn't even understand or have an inkling of interest in this field of work.

But obviously, fate had a different plan. Ironically I am doing what the conference was discussing 4 years ago. Figuring ways I can merge my love of economics with technology.

My Plan

My plan is still developing, but my passion is pretty consistent.

I am excited to see what my plan becomes and how technology and economics will merge.