I Looked Up and Discovered It was Christmas Time

I Looked Up and Discovered It was Christmas Time

The holiday season is just now taking place in my heart this year. It wasn't my Christmas tree in the living room, because I don't have one, it isn't the Christmas lights throughout my neighborhood, because they just haven't been on my radar.

I guess it's because I have finished some major coding milestones and just reflexing on my progress a bit has given me the opportunity to smell the roses. And then it just registered that Christmas is next week, with the New Year following closely behind.

I guess my plan is to finish a few more projects, do my hair(oh my God!, I can't wait for this one), and make a clear roadmap for the year ahead.

Even though I've already started my goals for next year, they deserve to be written out. So that's what I'll do during my Christmas/New Year's break.

With these words, I bid you...

Good night