I Think I just Fell in Love with Coding

I Think I just Fell in Love with Coding

Knowledge is Always Available for Sincere Learners

The accessibility of learning is convenient. Writing here on my laptop, if I open another web tab I am able to find millions of resources on whatever subject I find interesting.

Ivy league universities are even contributing free classes to the masses. Which is wonderful, it helps contain good information and weed out information that isn't as helpful.

But I believe real, free learning opportunities have always been available. Libraries and simply exploring topics of interest through experimentation only hide from those that lack inherent compatibility with any particular subject.

When you sincerely want to learn, you become preoccupied and naturally desire unique ways to engage your curiosity.

Coding Has Satisfied My Curiosity in Surprising Ways

Since I began binging on the extravagant mindfuck of coding, the presentation of various cheap whores to get off on has been many. Countless how-to videos, fast-track bootcamps and a zillion promises of a million-dollar overnight success have no affinity with my needs.

The intoxicating beauty of code has made me believe we could really make a life together. I want to know it deeply because it has satisfied a hunger I didn't know how to feed.

I love that code rocks with me in simple everyday life and encourages me to get to know it at its highest levels of complexity. Yep, I am changing everything about myself to snuggle with programming and make love to web design in the most intimate ways.

Well, with all this being said...

Good night