I Thought CSS Would Be Simple

How My Simple Project Exposed The Complexity of CSS

I Thought CSS Would Be Simple

My simple project is more than I anticipated. Getting familiar with how to make objects present themselves in CSS is taking time.

As a newbie I thought I had it figured out, at least the project I had in mind, without much experience it was naive to anticipate the completion of any webpage. Now I know what the fuck is up, and the only solution is more.

As I was getting into my project this afternoon, I hit several roadblocks. Some seemed as if there wasn't any solution, but with a lot of research and trial and error I figured out a lot of shit.

This is a major part of learning, but don't want it to interfere with my regular curriculum, so I'll work on extracurricular projects for at least 30 minutes a day. It should make a world of difference, I'll tweak what's necessary along the way(I don't cling to my newbie assumptions).

With these words, I bid you

Good night