It Wouldn't Be a Goal If You Were Already There

If I am Built for The Earth, Then I've Got to Transform to Live on The Sun!

It Wouldn't Be a Goal If You Were Already There

A thought occurred to me this morning when I was posting on Instagram, and I want to share it with you...

"It wouldn't be a goal if I were already there!"

I was feeling down because I didn't accomplish a lot of shit that I normally do in a day. You see I made a crazy goal and it's taking all of me and more to reach it.

If I wasn't going through these phases of growth, then my goal would just be a gimmick to make me feel like I was achieving shit.

This is real and it's taking everything that I got!

Lessons Learned

If you're trying to reach the Sun...

Don't judge yourself or others, you are fuckin' with a lot of new shit

Don't give in when the pressure gets too hot, the Sun warms and sustains an entire planet

You are adjusting to be capable of living in different elements and circumstances. How can you live on the Sun if you're built for the Earth?

You only lose if you quit

With these words, I bid you...

Good morning!**