Mastering Code Takes Time, Why My Projects are Real and Never Practice

I am building a form. It's a simple form, but it's the first one I've ever made and only the second personal project I've created using code.

The process feels painstaking because I look up every detail. I am implementing everything I've learned thus far and want my execution to be great.

Accessibility is a feature that I don't want to minimize. I want to nail it! not just be compliant.

Learning about accessibility has impacted me profoundly. I never considered how people with different needs used the internet. It's really important to me that everyone can understand my form.

I want to make sure I am using good algorithmic structure. This is another topic that has informed my coding.

Now that I know there's a standard, I know what's required and hopefully will exceed it and raise the bar.

Thank goodness I've been exposed to these skills early in my coding journey.

Another important addition to this project that I didn't use in my first is comments. I understand how necessary they are to make my code stronger.

My comments helped me remember where I want to use the fonts I chose. I hadn't worked on this for a few weeks and the comments refreshed my memory and got me back on track.

I know that what takes so long now, will be second nature as I continue to master my craft.

Cheers to adult education!

With these words, I bid you...

Good night

and I am just plain nervous.