Meet Joey Womack The Tech Relationship Don

Joey Womack photo credit via LinkedIn

I am constantly blown away by the talent, dedication, and drive of innovative entrepreneurs that populate the tech space.

My latest discovery isn't a diversion from the later statement. I was introduced to the $1 Million Dollar Tech Equity Collective through my Google Developers Newsletter and dare I say, more importantly, I was introduced to Joey Womack.

Reading about Mr. Womack and his outstanding accomplishments in tech has been mind-blowing and inspirational!

He is the founder and CEO of Goodie Nation, a non-profit organization that specializes in building social relationships.

He gives me hope that one day I'll do something great. And great for me means making a difference in someone's life.

Having the ability to create something that empowers people to leap chasms to the next levels of their journey.

How Joey Womack Makes a Difference

Joey Womack's contribution to dynamic progress in the tech industry focuses on relationships.

He believes relationships are the ingredient that makes magic happen for entrepreneurs. Here are his words...

Joey also has a podcast that he uses to demonstrate the power of connection. The podcast is named Prequel: Origin Stories + Inflection Points.

I encourage you to check out Joey Womack. He is truly a light.

With these words, I bid you...

Good Evening