My Birthday a Day of Websites, Naps and Wandering Thoughts

My Birthday a Day of Websites, Naps and Wandering Thoughts

Have you ever had one of those days when logical reasoning goes to shit? My thoughts were on a mission to define events without any regard to reality.

It was extra annoying because it was my birthday.

I am thankful to be alive another year, but taking the drivers seat of my brain felt impossible. It was trying to be one of those days...

Along with annoying thoughts, I couldn't get enough sleep. I took more unplanned naps I wanted.

As a matter of fact, I woke up with my computer on my lap and began writing this post.

The few moments I spent awake I presented the website I designed to my customer. He was pleased with the result. His smile was awesome as he looked at his new online presence. I felt good about creating such a source of joy.

After I delivered his design, I went to the store. I wanted to have a birthday drink, and I am not talking Pepsi.

I had an entire vision for a website I wanted to create for this particular establishment. Because I just finished this other job and it was my birthday, I wanted to rest and reflex on the work I'd done thus far, I wan't going to present my ideas, at least, just yet.

When I went to the register to pay for my drink, the helpful gentlemen that always greet me with a smile asked how my day was. I said it's my birthday and I just finished a project.

of course they asked, "what was the project?" I told about the website. One word led to another and all of a sudden I found myself telling them about the vision I had for their website.

And now I have another project. I am ecstatic about building the site, but its a bit sooner than I anticipated. But who am I to interrupt the universe. It's delivering exactly what I need.

All in all its been a weird day. I am going to take another nap before I get ready for work.

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Thanks you.