One of The Most Important Websites for Newbies Entering The Tech World: Thinkful.Com

Educate Yourself and Determine The Best Direction for Your Future Career

One of The Most Important Websites for Newbies Entering The Tech World:  Thinkful.Com

Thinkful is One of The Best Websites on The Web

Complete. Satisfied. Understood. Encouraged. This is how Thinkful makes me feel, whenever I visit their website. I didn't feel like they were exploiting me and giving me watered down promises. I felt the sincere dedication of a company extending a mission of compassion and love.

Thinkful offers bootcamps for Software Engineering, Data Science, Data Analytics, UX/UI Design, Digital Marketing and Technical Project Management. I've never seen a site, so superb, in any area of expertise. They know precisely who their customers are and how to communicate their ability to serve their needs.

Thinkful demonstrated purposeful intention through:

  • The condensed time of their program offerings

  • The considerate pricing options

  • The thoughtfulness demonstrated with the ease of navigating huge amounts of information

  • The aesthetic appeal of the blog

  • A generous blog that details every aspect of the career paths that are available

What I Found Most Helpful

The blog is the feature I appreciate most. It helped me understand what educational path I wanted to pursue. I am not a Thinkful student nor am I being paid for this post,I am a proud student of freeCodeCamp. However, I wouldn't be opposed to enrolling in a bootcamp later down road.

What I Found Most Appealing

I love the art work used on the blog! I felt like I was visiting a virtual museum. I love art and going to museums, so this feature was special and a bit emotional for me.

Why I Recommend This Website to Newbie Techs

The blog. It has everything you need to know about possible careers.

Chegg, nailed it with this. I am inspired to be as thoughtful, informative and generous to my current and future clients. This is an example of how I want to be in the world.