The Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights Could Protect Citizens, but What About Programmers: Where is Our Safe Haven?

The Biden Administration released a Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights on October 4th, 2023.

This is a major signal to the technology community indicating the harms of AI are no longer concerns, but real-life limitations being experienced in our communities and in the lives of individual citizens.

How Does The Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights Impact Computer Scientists

Just like the Top-Down Design Model of algorithm building and problem-solving, computer scientists are the single sources of intelligent directors to the AI systems themselves.

And as individual sources of intelligent input commanders to AI products, many times we are receiving a task from a top source that doesn't always share our skillset and more importantly they may not share our values.

Their priorities may be different than our own and the potential risks of an algorithm identified by a programmer could place the programmer in a complex or compromised position.

So just as we are making systems for the general public and individual citizens, parameters should be constructed for computer programmers.

There should be some type of committee or governance that gives programmers a place to discuss potential issues in confidence and be guaranteed safety.

With these thoughts, I bid you...

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