The Development Community Takes Care of Its Own When it Comes to Education and The Possibilities of Tomorrow

Where is All This Programming Knowledge Leading Me

The Development Community Takes Care of Its Own When it Comes to Education and The Possibilities of Tomorrow

The Talent and Generosity of The Development Community

I am amazed by the amazing content I stumble upon in the developer community.

I've been studying how to build my website and deciding what content I would include.

I was unsure(and still am, yet feeling more capable, each day I study) about how to build a blog website and I found a goldmine.

Daily Tuition is a Youtube channel full of complete and well thought out details. There's something for every level of expertise.

I was especially blown away with the Premium Wordpress Theme Development series. Akshay Kashyap does an amazing job producing his videos.

When my self-education begins to make real money, this is one of the places where I'll make a donate.

The Great Unknown

I'd like to freelance and work on choosen projects from home. However, it might be beneficial to work and gain experience.

Now I am considering the "get a job" path. There are some awesome companies that need developers. A full stack education seems to be the best training route for whatever way presents itself most necessary.

I truely never saw myself doing this type of work. What a wonderful surprise.

What My College Professor Didn't Tell Me

I have a Philosophy of Arts bachelor's degree. One of my favorite classes was symbolic logic. I devoured the ploblem sets, I absolutely loved solving those problems/proofs.

it's one of the rare 4.0's I earned. Let's just say, I barely made through high school(I hated school), and college was a struggle for many reasons, not all academic.

I asked my professor the purpose of the practice(symbolic logic). He just kind of looked at me, and let me answer my own question. My conclusion was it solved the validity of reasoning.

Had I known anything about computer science or if he'd pointed me in this direction as a possible use, I might have changed majors. That's how much I enjoyed the process of problem solving.

However,my affair with the study was short lived. The next professors were not as effective with operational explanations. I strugged and eventually lost interest. How unfortunate or I guess God had another plan.

Now I feel as though I've come full circle, as if I've been cosmically reunited with an old friend. I am grateful for the close relation I've observed between programming languages like JavaScript and symbolic logic.