The Importance of User Experience, Good UX/UI Design are Non-Negotiable

The Importance of User Experience, Good UX/UI Design are Non-Negotiable

I completed my monthly ritual of braiding my hair, at least the front, I'll tackle the back this weekend. As I mentioned, while I braid, I watch videos because my fingers aren't able to hit the keyboard and code(I wonder if there are some voice-activated programs for coders...).Anyway, I love the sound of the keys releasing under my fingers and the code magically appearing on the screen. It's like heaven.

I got into some great content, I swear the developer community knows how to produce good shit.

As I learn more about my newly chosen profession, I am realizing the complexity of producing a good product. Not only does the coding have to be good, but the actual look and possibly more important the functionality of the product needs to be exceptional.

Speed, content load time, important information, accessibility and various other factors impact a users experience. For example, I wanted to admire and evaluate some blogs, so I looked up good cooking blogs, and chose this site from the search results.

Screenshot 2022-10-17 7.37.20 PM.png

Influencer Marketing Hub This site looks awesome, it's very visually appealing, full of informative articles and gives you access to a report on the top menu bar. But when I looked for an about page I couldn't find one. It impacted my experience.

Some key information that would help me make better decisions on how to utilize the sight is missing. I was left guessing the site's intended purpose.

This site

Screenshot 2022-10-17 7.49.14 PM.png Murrays Pomade although, as far as my taste is concerned, the site isn't very visually appealing, but it is tolerable and all the important information is easy to find. There is even an accessibility icon positioned on the screen for people that need additional assistance. I would rate this site a 10 on a 1 to 10 scale. It looks good enough, has all the important information, and its easy usability more than compensates for the aesthetics.

Well, my learning journey continues and the knowledge I need to know multiplies along the way.

With these words, I bid you

Good night