The Influence Learning Code is Having on My Writing and Why You Should Start a Blog

I spent my day creating and consuming content. The creation was good, I made the second part of a video series. But clearing my phone memory was a pain, I need a new phone and computer that are able to manage the amount of content I am producing.

I also spent a lot of time revamping my LinkedIn page. I haven't updated it in several years. I've been listening to some influential YouTubers and having an intentional social media presence is essential as a web developer.

Obviously, I blog and sometimes you'll find technical information in my writing. I am considering making my writing a bit more technical while keeping it very personal. I like this space to share my day and how learning code looks in my life.

I don't want to lose this therapeutic exercise, but I think it's definitely worth tweaking. Below is one of the YouTubers that inspired me to reconsider how I use this Hashnode blog.

So here goes my tech advice...It's important to develop a social media presence. It gets you involved in the developer community, sharpens your skills as a programmer, and allows potential employers to evaluate if you'll be a good contributor to their work process.

As a programmer that is looking to stay in the freelance world(at least that's my plan for now, it is flexible in that I am growing every day and will do what's necessary to be a great coder), having a social media presence gives potential clients an opportunity to interact with my technical skills.

So there it is, my first "teaching" component. Dive into a blog and go apeshit!

With these words, I bid you...

Good night