The Power of Belief

You are Capable of Amazing Things

I've always been in a rush trying to get somewhere and ended up nowhere.

But what I've realized through the peeling away of bullshit, a lot of time alone and finally finding the courage to not run away when things get tough...

What I've learned is things take time. And those situations where things seem to just "pop up," are usually years in the making.

We are just so disconnected from the fact we're consciously creating things, it seems like an instantaneous event.

It took you years to form your adult belief systems about life, love, education and your potential to succeed.

Often, the opinions that we hold to as truth seem so much a part of us that we aren't aware of how they direct our decisions.

Anytime we do something that challenges our beliefs, it seems scary.

Because we created a barrier to entry, that for others is like drinking water, it just seems natural, because their belief system wasn't built on your truth.

So I encourage you to believe in your dreams and reach beyond your current truth. There are miracles waiting to happen, if you just believe.

With these words, I bid you...

Good morning