The Process of Working a Plan is Exhausting

The Process of Working a Plan is Exhausting

Today I worked on a ton of content.

I proofread an article I am working on. And I feel pretty good about the next section I added to the post. I am hoping it gets more than a few views. It should be ready for publication this weekend.

I hope it is well received, and people like what I've written. I understand I am working on building a following, but it sucks when I work so hard and it doesn't get a huge response.

I also did some Instagram posts(I'm on Instagram as @donnamware As I looked through the content I am making on my page, I wondered if it lacks a consistent theme.

I like expressing my thoughts in various ways, such as video and poems. My concern is many times my content has nothing to do with web design. I don't know if I should build a separate page or keep everything together.

I am finally working through my first certification with a bit of confidence. I think I am on the right track(knock on wood).

Emotionally, I felt a bit discouraged. Again it sucks when people aren't noticing my content. I just keep plugging away. Hopefully people will catch my vibe and rock with me.

And yes, it's late as fuck and I am sleepy as fuck...

So with that, good night