The Things Non-Tech Folks Just Don't Know or Maybe I Was Just an Ostrich With My Head in The Ground

I think I finally understand the question, "what are they doing with your information?" means.

When I was a layperson of how the internet and computers really function and busy living my life, the details of technology, government, or heath care wern't high on the list of need to know or for that fact want to know subjects.

Now as a student of technology and diving deeper into my studies of computer science, I see that our information is being used to teach machines how to help us do things faster and more efficiently.

And just as we are flawed, so are some of the results that machines are producing.

These machines are producing information about our heath, academic performance, if we are a threat to society and everything in between all based on our information.

These machines are helping and causing some challenging problems that we are addressing with things like the Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights.

Again these are things that I am just learning, what other information is waiting to be discovered?

With these words, I bid you...

Good night