This Labor Day, I Did Nothing But Work

My Desire to Learn Code, Won't Let Me Rest

This Labor Day, I Did Nothing But Work

What a fuckin' day!

I woke up, but didn't get going till 9am. I skipped my yoga and said, I'll do it when I finish working on my projects.

I didn't put my project down till 5ish. Then I started to scroll Instagram and listened to a live. Needless to say, it's now about 8pm and I still didn't do my yoga. But the live was inspirational and full of good knowledge.

I got a lot of work done, but none of it was directly for my immediate comfort. It was all about becoming a web developer.

This is Funny

I just realized since day one of, I was using a code editor to complete the projects. If you haven't been following my posts. After hours/weeks of studying and watching videos, I tried to make my first web page. And realized I didn't know what the hell I was doing.

I had a moment of serendipity and I figured the damn editor out. I just have to learn how to code so the output looks good(lmfao!)(yes, I know these social media acronyms are bad english). emoticon-g85cd0a2c3_640.png

It's that time again, it's time for sleep.

Goog night