Turning Pain Into Power

Life is Good, It's All About Perspective

Turning Pain Into Power

Today was a day of getting the fuck up. I felt depleted and wanted to give up.

All this because I heard two sentences. One sentence was said to me and the other was just a random statement I heard out loud but seemed to be meant for my ears.

As humans, we tend to want the things around us to make sense. I have had a lot of years of experiences that seemed out of place, and still do, and my mind needed to place a meaning on what was happening.

When life is cruel, it can seem especially unrealistic. And orienting it with meaning, even if it's wrong is natural. How could people be so heartless as to make a person go to these extremes? History has many examples of these cruel people. Hitler and Pol Pot are a short list of many, that have done unspeakable acts of genocide against humanity.

Anyway, you never think you'll find yourself in a position that seems so painful and bizarre, life itself seems to shift. But, if you live enough life, it'll show you some nasty shit. And I've had more than my portion. These situations caused me to put some irregular beliefs on reality.

As you grow and want to achieve your dreams. The very things that almost drove you crazy, are the things that fuel your motivation. Those statements I heard registered on an old pattern of thought. When this happens, I go into a tailspin. It took a little time, but I was able to get my shit right.

When I stopped thinking about how to make sense of perceived circumstances, that seemed unrealistic. And I started thinking about my dreams and going back to my faith in the things that I am working towards. I was able to regain my optimism and use old wounds to heal me and not hurt me.

If you are hurting just know a lot of times, it's your own belief about the situation that hurts. Readjust your thinking and have faith in your dreams. Turn your pain into passion, face your fears and keep going on the journey of your dreams.

This road is ever-evolving and full of wonderful surprises. Trust the process.

With these words, I bid you

Good night