Uncovering The Free Secrets of Developers and Techies

The Treasure Map that Led to The Hidden Gem Developers Hide from Outsiders

Uncovering The Free Secrets of Developers and Techies

How does your bank account look? Gettin' my freelance "side hustle" on is expensive and costing me time, which means money. And now my dream is needing a serious monetary infusion, or so I thought. Let me fill you in on what's going on. Presenting a professional image is important to me. As I progress It is crucial for me to showcase my writing and begin a portfolio.

I believe great websites attract real clients. These things can't be pushed under the rug when your platform is digital, its damn near impossible. But portfolios and professional websites cost. And I knew it was time for me to pay for website hosting. Boy was I wrong! I found another 6 months to a year of wiggle room.

At least I hope, it feels like every time I make progress some crazy shit happens and it normally costs money. Just yesterday and this morning I spent $42.95(not including tips) on Uber because I lost my car keys at my day job!

There Are Resources That Fit Any Budget

Anyway, as I was counting how many paychecks it would take to pay for web hosting, when I stumbled upon an article by Shahed Nasser, The Things You Can Do For Free: The Ultimate Guide , I hit the jackpot! I got put on to Hashnode , the platform I am currently using to write this article. I can now meet more people from the developer community, which feels like a huge relief. I needed this lifeline.

In addition to this nugget, Shahed listed sites on the internet, where I could get free hosting! I felt a weight coming off my shoulders and a huge smile come on my face. I wanted to hide my computer, so nobody could take away all the goodies I'd found. These sites are priceless for folks like me, with little funds and just starting out.

Not only does this article include free hosting options, but she includes places that have free domain names, mail tools, notifications, SEO and other resources. So if your pockets are tight, dive into the link above and hang onto your dream a little bit longer.

My Contribution to The Knowledge Pot

I wanted to create a logo for this site, I had used another logo maker years ago, but couldn't remember the name. Luckily, me searching for a new logo maker led me to the Canva free logo maker . It was a great experience. The process was extremely user friendly. I loved that, you know some tools can make you feel frustrated because they are so complicated.

Another feature that I love are the pre-made templates. They don't look cheap, they are designed with quality and expertise. I could easily navigate the controls to add my specific details and information. The finished product looked great and I wasn't ashamed to display it on my website.

They also have upgrade options, that offer more flexibility and control.

What hidden treasures have you found? Please share in the comments, and thank you!

I also want to thank Shahed for writing such a terrific and informative piece. Your work made a difference and gave me hope!