Understanding The Power of Coding: How I Plan to Use My Coding Skills

The Early Phases of Developing a Niche in Web Design

Understanding The Power of Coding: How I Plan to Use My Coding Skills

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I wanted to understand what I'd done. I built my first business website for a local mechanic. I created 3 static pages, wrote the copy on every page and included 3 free blog posts, all my original content. I thought it would be easy because I was using wordpress.com, the free user friendly platform for beginners. I quickly realized I had no idea what the hell I was doing. It was an arduous process, but I delivered, to the best of my newbie abilities.

My plan was, and still is, to reflect on the process and find ways to improve. Ironically, a few days ago, I stumbled on a website thinkful.com. I thought is was built with such careful attention to detail, I was going to do a review.

This morning I went back to the site, I was going to prepare notes for my post. As I looked through the site I found a coding bootcamp class. UX/UI Design Bootcamp, I'd never heard of UX design, so I Googled it. Low and behold it was the answer to my question.

I wanted a better way to approach website design, that included an understanding of the customer experience. This was exactly what I had in mind.

A bit more research led me to actual sites that are set up just for building these dynamic websites. Contentful.com, Notion.so, Webflow.com and a few other cool sites, that promote the customer experience through design. I choose Webflow. I am excited to start a new project with a performance tool that will help me design with purpose.

This week I discovered part of my coding purpose, is using code to give life to invisible ideas.

Some other things I learned this week:

  • take notes and memorize as much code as possible

  • understand what each coding element does

  • freeCodeCamp.org, has amazing safety features.

Screenshot 2022-08-12 at 6.54.22 PM.png

I accidentally hit the wrong button to submit my work and the warning above appeared. This thoughtful feature, saved me from re-doing a ton of work. I appreciate these safeguards.

It was a great week in coding!