Were Predictive Policing and Possibly The Psychological Effects of Gaming Factors in The Murder of Tyre Nichols

From The Heart of A Black Woman That's Learning How to Program

I feel such a sadness in my soul, as my fingers write this piece about another life taken from us at the hands of police brutality.

I couldn't watch the footage of the murder of Tyre Nichols. I felt helpless when I saw his face look back at the camera as the officers aggressively pinned him down.

The moment I saw his eyes gazed over in horror, he seemed in total disbelief of what was about to go down. I had to stop the video.

I can only imagine what was going through his mind.

I've got some experience with violence. More than I'd like to admit. I know what it is to be beaten up by a person that's supposed to protect you.

My second husband, now an ex, thank God, brutally beat me.

I remember one time he choked me till I passed out. I couldn't believe it happened as I came back to consciousness, I thought, "how the fuck did I get myself in this shit."

So I know the trauma of violence and how it affects the people that you love. Domestic violence can potentially cripple families for generations.

And yes, unfortunately, I know what it is to be harassed by an officer that's supposed to help. It sucks!

The Effects of Police Brutality on Our Nations Psyche

Our nation is being re-victimized with every murder at the hands of police officers.

The pain, anguish, and outrage of protestors are lifetimes of unfair treatment seeping to the surface and crying out for justice.

"Can't you see my pain?" Is screaming out in the heart of every person of color right now(even if they can't identify it yet).

And as a nation, white America is yet again made to feel somehow above the law. Yet they don't feel worthy of the privilege and don't know how to cure the sickness that feels intoxicating but nauseating.

How do we continually hurt each other?

Neither point of view is good, nor are the ones that fall in between.

Algorithms and Predictive Policing

I wonder if the officers were trained by algorithms that swayed their judgment.

We are feeding these policing machines with data that is potentially harmful and then expecting outcomes that equate to a peaceful society.

How can we solve this problem, when there are generations of ingrained systemic racism running through our judicial and American systems that produce the data which is supposed to keep us safe?

Police Officers That Game

I also wonder if the effects of gaming influenced these officers to subconsciously played out imaginary worlds during real-life events.

Our thought patterns can so quickly encapsulate us and if we're not people that use affirmative practices, the effects could be tragic.

These officers were of the age that they very well could have grown up playing video games.

How and should we test potential officers for their responses to the real world and if they can distinguish real life from gaming worlds?

We Must Break This Cycle

We have got to break the cycle of police brutality against people of color. And then remedy the psychological effects of police brutality on our nation.

Our human resources are eroding just as rapidly as the environment.

With these words, I bid you...

Good night