What Four Months of Learning Code Look Like

What Four Months of Learning Code Look Like

I did it! I got my first certification. It took me about 3 and 3/4 months to complete approximately 300 hours of coursework.

Screenshot 2022-11-10 1.49.05 PM.png

I am definitely a novice. HTML and CSS are powerful tools and my 300 hours of experience are just enough to introduce me to the potential of the programming languages. As I go on to learn JavaScript, I am sure I'll master both languages(HTML and CSS) as I build my skillset.

My intention is to continue with my weekend projects, this will no doubt position me to master these programming languages.

I Finally Reached Out For Help

I am still working on a solution to my math problem. I reached out to an old friend whose husband and son are mathematicians. She responded right away and I am looking forward to some insight on getting this solution.

The discussion forum for the class itself doesn't seem to be very active. I left my question on the discussion board, however, I felt expanding my troubleshooting would be more profitable.

Asking for help almost felt like surrender. I am not sure what in me feels a subtle form of defeat. I guess I wanted to be brilliant enough to find the solution on my own. I no doubt could have, but time is a factor. How long is long enough to think out a math problem?

The thought that's occurred to me is, asking for help is helping myself. It is a perfectly reasonable way to get understanding. My mind will wrap around the concept sooner or later, I just refuse to quit! I am going to learn this math and learn it well.

I Started a Facebook Discussion Page

I started a Facebook page dedicated to helping small business owners with their tech problems. This is an excellent opportunity to sharpen my skills and help others become more successful.

I tried to change the name, but I can't find the option on the app. I also thought when I finished, I should've made it a group instead of a page. I still might redo it, It'll also give the opportunity to change the name as well.

Anyway, I am excited about creating content and help others solve their tech problems.

With these words, I bid you...

Good night