Where Will Programmers Work if Mass Layoffs Occur and The Skill That Will Be Their Floatation Device

Our future as programming professionals is bright. I sincerely believe this despite what the news is saying about tech layoffs.

My optimism found its refuge in a report released by Randstad, an international recruiting company.

The report named digital skills: unlock opportunities for all, isn't explicitly written for techies, but as a type of roadmap to help companies transition to digital economies.

Why I found this piece so compelling is the affirmation of tech jobs and the way companies need to transition to the digital age of working.

What Does This Mean for Programmers

What this means for programmers is being open to looking for jobs in non-tech industries. As companies move from advertising sales agents to digital marketing specialists and the IoT(internet of things), continues to explode.

Programmers should learn the skill of empathy because a big part of working outside of techie comfort is helping others learn how to customize their roles with digital platforms.

This could mean a lot of programmers will find themselves working as bridges to the fourth industrial revolution.

With these words, I bid you...

Good night