Working for Free: How I am Getting Website Design Experience and What I am Reading and Listening Too

Grasping Hold of Small Beginnings

Working for Free: How I am Getting Website Design Experience and What I am Reading and Listening Too

I feel so relaxed! I am sitting in complete silence, except for the buzzing of a fly, that somehow got in my house, the only other thing I hear is my coffee brewing.

This peaceful quiet is intoxicating.

I've been working for free, following the advice of Seth Godin. He said, loosely translated, the only way to get good, is to just get started. So that's what I did, I've been designing free websites and writing copy/content for local businesses. I just completed my second project.

I feel pretty good about the my work. I built the website on and wrote all the copy/content. I realize it has the potential to be so much more, but I respect the limitations of my knowledge. The new things I am learning will certainly improve my work with each completed project.

What I am Reading

I am reading "Metahuman, Unleashing Your Infinite Potential," by Deepak Chopra, M.D. It's about the unlimited potential we have as conscious beings. It's a great read. He believes is the philosophy of non-dualism. This concept is interesting in that, everything exists only in consciousness.

I am not fully sold on the theory of non-dualism(yet), but consciousness and the human mind are fascinating.

I really feel our use of cell phones is pushing the envelope of how we experience ourselves. I think it's taking us into a world that is more self-centered and that non-dual aspect becomes more feasible.

As I learn more about the skill of website design, the new trend of UX design leans heavily on this precept. This is why I am very attracted to this type of design.

What I am Listening too

My new anthem is Lizzo's "It's About Damn Time." I love that song! The beat, the lyrics and all the Tik Tok dances have me addicted.

I keep Erykah Badu in rotation. "Times a Wastin'" and "I Want Somebody to Kiss Me on My Neck," are my particular favoroites these days. And I can't forget "Bag Lady."

I've also been listening to a lot of classical music. I love piano solos.

What's Next

I am going to take a close look at the projects I've completed and take note of how I can improve them. I don't want to get stuck on them, I'll probably cycle around to updating them later.

I want points of reference. Where I've been, where I am, and where I am going.

When I update the sites, it'll be with a much stronger skill set. I want give my first clients a gift to show my appreciation. They gave me the opportunity to develop my coding/design/techie skills. I am forever grateful.

I am going to keep plugging away with freeCodeCamp. I love the program and I am learning a lot.

I've got a ton of videos on my watch list. Most are centered on coding and design. There is so much to learn.

Time for Work

It's time to get ready for my day job.

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Thank you!