Eureka! I Finally Found The Solution to My Math Problem

Hint: I Already Had The Answer and Didn't Know it...

Eureka! I Finally Found The Solution to My Math Problem

I finally solved that math problem!

That old friend I reached out to that has a mathematician husband and son. Well, I sent her a picture of the problem, but the solution her husband sent still didn't help, so we set up a video call.

After going over the problem with Mike(that's her husband), the problem became clear...

I actually had the correct answer! The entire time, the solution I worked out was correct. The issue was how I put it in the solution box(it's an online class and thankfully it's self-paced).

I didn't close the parenthesizes, so though I had the correct answer, it wasn't being read correctly by the computer program. I figured out how to put the answer into the system and then finally moved to the next set of problems.

I am proud of myself that I didn't give up. Lesson learned, if I stick with a problem and keep working on it, eventually the solution will present itself.

And many times, probably most, I already know the answer, but it's just as important to know how to put the solution to work so that I receive the correct results.

With these words, I bid you...

Good night