Finding The Answer You Need, But Not Having Enough Time to Execute Your Solution

Time Management is a Fucking Joke for People That are Hungry to Achieve Their Dreams, Plus a Cool Tutorial

Finding The Answer You Need, But Not Having Enough Time to Execute Your Solution

I found a dope webpage/website course that I want to start. The class is focused on intermediate HTML. I want to take it because I believe it will give me a deeper understanding of the language. Starting my own project showed me just how much more I need to learn.

This problem is time. If I start the course now, it could be overwhelming. I'm already completing's curriculum, studying math and staying active on social media. I also work and exercise. My current schedule doesn't allow for much else.

In addition to the above, I also made a commitment to do independent projects to sharpen my web development skills. This class would satisfy that, but it wouldn't be extracurricular. Can I learn as much with my own projects or will this course give me what I am looking for?

I could still take the course and work on my own projects one designated day of the week. Possibly Saturday and only do my own projects. I found some great design content by Google Design. Google Design is amazing, I want to use this knowledge to improve and master my website design technique.

As I think this out, taking the course and doing independent stuff on Saturdays might work. I am going for it! Pray for me...

A Nice Tutorial

I also found a nice tutorial. It's about 20 minutes long and discusses how to make shapes with CSS.

I think I found the solution to the problem I was having with my project. We'll see when I finish my hair and get back to hittin' my keyboard.

Well, with these words...I bid you

Good night